A thousand miles from anywhere & look what's on your doorstep

The jewel in the crown on Kuredu is hidden away in a discreet building across from the dive centre.  I knew of its existence before I left, but even then I was still amazed when I saw it in the flesh, so to speak.  It is a testament to the committment of Prodivers to providing a world class facility on Kuredu, that they have invested around $250 000 of their own cash in a state of the art hyperbaric facility, complete with a full time chamber operator & resident doctor. 

The chamber is housed in an air conditioned purpose built clinic, yards from the dive centre & the jetty.  Although primarily built to serve Kuredu, the chamber will be available to treat diving incidents from other islands & liveaboards operating in the Northern Maldives. 






















As anywhere, medical hyperbaric treatment does not come cheap & Prodivers is a commercial operation after all.  Therefore if you are travelling to Kuredu to dive, you should ensure that your travel insurance covers you for diving related incidents.  We took out an annual family travel policy with Westfield  This covers us for upto 5 000 000 medical expenses including hyperbaric treatment.  There are no depth limitations, as long as you are diving within your certification depth.  I checked this with them & they confirmed that I would be covered to the 100m limit for my CCR Trimix in accordance with my TDI certification, not bad eh!